FabLab Tools

The Laser Cutter uses CO2 technology to generate a high energy laser beam that will engrave and cut different materials.

  • Epilog Laser, Mini 24" x 12"
  • Work piece area = 610mm x 305mm
  • 35 watt
The Vinyl Cutter (Desktop Sign Maker) principle is based on a knife blade cutting graphic designs from vinyl sheets and circuit board designs from copper sheets.

  • Ronald GX-24 CAMM-1 SERVO
The 3D Modelling and scanning machine is a high precision numerically controlled milling machine that can cut and engrave 2 and 3 dimensional shapes and engrave circuit boards

  • Ronald Modella 3D Plotter MDX-20
The ShopBot CNC Router is used to cut 2 dimensional shapes or engrave 2 and 3 dimensional shapes.

  • PRSalpha96
  • 96” x 60” x 6” (2.44m x 1.52m x 0.15m)
  • Weight = Approx. 68kg
Roland’s MDX-40 is a 4-axis Desktop Subtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP) machine. Roland Active Peizo Sensor Technology performs both unattended two and four –sided milling. It is supplied with Modela Player 4, which is a Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) program. It imports 3D data in common formats, including STL, IGES, DXF, etc.

  • Table size = 305mm x 305mm x 105mm.
  • Weight = 4kg
  • Dimensions = 669 (W) x 760 (D) x 554 (H) mm
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