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On the 28th of February 2013 Jens from Norway arrived in the Fab Lab Soshanguve, the planned schedule was completed as planned and was run smoothly. There was a lot of interaction from staff and users involved, FabLab users got understand on how different kinds of processes and soft ware’s, Fab modules, 123D, Arduino etc are operated and manipulated which included, technology(Wireless technology), Design process and End mills techniques and working with different tool bits .The following software and processes were included.
1. Milling the surface of wax
2. Milling of curves structure balls
3. Introduction 123D Software for the, modela, vinyl and the Epilog

First cardboard 3D sketch of a high heeled sole. Made with 123D Design, 123D Make and the Epilog lasercutter.

Soshanguve FabLab
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mold comple...
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Image Detail
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